9:52 am - Wednesday June 26, 2019

Steve Jobs blame it on media

Apple CEO Steve Jobs was reported by WSJ that media has over blown a minor issue of the antenna out of proportion. It might be true that media and blogosphere has blown it out of proportion but even that is the fault of Mr. Jobs and Apple itself. In his presentations and advertising Apple has hyped iPhone as one of the best device with zero errors. They even charge a premium price for their devices because they are well engineered.

Now it is Appleā€™s moral obligation to publically apologize for the phone malfunction, provide some incentive to people in the form of a itune gift card for this inconvenience and announce their plans to fix this issue before new devices are shipped.

A good company understands the value of a long term relationship even if they have to incur a short term cost. Apple has failed and they should pay a price for it.



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