3:53 am - Thursday July 18, 2019

Verizon iPad 2 Features In iOS 4.3 Files

http://meshedup.net/wp-content/plugins/wp-o-matic/cache/c9cec_ipad-2.jpgRumors and speculation of what the new iPad will feature is becoming a daily feature lately. Last month we told you that the next iPad may not feature the Home button, and instead have multitouch gestures.

Now Cult of Mac has an article reporting on a web developer who has been digging around the latest beta of iOS 4.3, and has uncovered some interesting information about the next generation of iPad. The developer Chris Galzerano thinks that Verizon could be getting its own version of the iPad.

The beta describes iPad 2.1, 2.2, and 2.3. This could mean three models in Wi-Fi, 3G GSM/UMTS and 3G CDMA variants. Other tit bits include a possible 3MP camera, which is at odds with reports which are saying it will have the same camera as the iPod Touch 4G.



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