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Windows Phone and Android to Overtake iPhone

view-source:http://www.toptechreviews.net/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/Windows-Phone-and-Android.jpgThe next four year will see the Android becoming the top mobile operating system in terms of the number of sales with the Windows Phone taking the second spot. This is according to a forecast issued by Gartner. It also shows Apple iOS dropping to third place and RIM taking the fourth spot. IDC has its own forecast, which mirrors Gartner’s rankings in 2015.

The Windows Phone 7 platform rising to second place surprised a lot of people because present sales numbers doesn’t make it a contender, for now. Gartner said that the forecast was based on the deal Microsoft made with Nokia. Its analyst noted that Nokia might be able to sell Windows Phone units at a much lower price than other smartphones and can utilize Nokia’s vast global sales network. At present Windows Phone has a 5 percent share of the market but in 2015 it will be around 20 percent.

Apple’s iPhone has a 19.4 percent market share in 2011, which places it second behind the Android. The forecast shows that the iPhone will still e in second place come 2014 but in 2015 the iPhone will drop to third place with an estimated 17.2 percent share.



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