8:56 am - Wednesday June 26, 2019

This T-Shirt Charges Your Phone

http://www.mobiledia.com/news/images/94781-1.jpgA t-shirt that charges mobile phones will be tested out at a European music festival over the weekend, the latest innovation in charging the devices so they can go anywhere without fear of a dead battery.

The prototype, designed to power phones using noise-response technology, should be ideal at England’s popular Glastonbury concert festival. Sound vibrations, especially bass frequencies, produce electricity from piezoelectric film on the shirt. The result can be harnessed to charge a mobile phone.

Music fans who find their batteries fading can plug the phone into the shirt for a quick top-up charge, and telecom Orange will conduct live tests as to which music gets the best charge.

The search to rid the mobile phone of the necessity of a conventional charge is ongoing. Earlier this year, fashion icon Ralph Lauren introduced a carry-all that uses a solar panel to generate enough power to charge a phone in about three hours on a sunny day.

The convenient and environmentally friendly accessory is stylish, too, with a buckle-closed top, water resistant construction and soft shoulder strap.

Using boiling water is another innovation, this time from Japan, to respond to the issue of charging mobile devices in unique ways. The HC-5 pan turns heat into power, creating charging power as water in it boils, either on a stove or over a campfire.

These ideas may have impact beyond their initial “wow” factor and can come in handy in unexpected ways. If the movement to solar takes off, it may alter design of phones since they won’t need to set aside so much battery space. And, as the boiling pan and t-shirt show, some of the ideas which seem quirky at the time can become invaluable in emergency cases, such as when power is cut due to a natural disaster or other reason.



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