12:07 pm - Friday March 22, 2019

Nokia Lumia 900

Nokia announced that it would bring an HSPA+ version of the Lumia 900 to global markets at Mobile World Congress 2012, and with that announcement it unveiled the white version of the device. The white Lumia 900 has the same glossy finish as the white N9 and white Lumia 800 already released, which means that it shows grease and fingerprints much more so than the matte finishes on the other color options. Despite that, we think the white Lumia 900 is just as beautiful as the other white Nokias, and the polycarbonate frame is a joy to handle. The HSPA version of the 900 supports 42Mbps connections using what Nokia calls “DC HSPA” (dual connection HSPA). It will be released to global markets in Q2 2012 for 480 EUR.



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