3:53 am - Thursday July 18, 2019

Samsung Gear S Review

Samsung Gear S, Samsung’s Tizen OS smartwatch with 3G data built-in. The Gear S is a surprisingly attractive, albeit big like most smartwacthes, device with a curved 2” AMOLED display. That curve makes it comfy for even smaller wrists. The watch uses the Samsung Gear manager Android app to communicate with your Samsung phone or tablet in order to share notifications, calls and to install apps on the watch. The watch has a speaker, music player, alarm clock, photo viewer, microphone, heart rate monitor, pedometer, GPS and both an on-screen keyboard and S Voice voice command. The Gear S has 2G/3G, WiFi 802.11n and it uses Bluetooth to communicate with your Samsung phone. For Samsung phone and tablet owners who want more standalone features than Android Wear offers, it’s worth a look. It’s offered by the major carriers for $299 full retail and requires a data plan.



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